How It Works

IMPORTANT: Before you start you need to download Telegram App in your selected device and verify your account.

1. Create your FREE Telegram Channel

If you haven not registered yet you can do it here:

Once you have finished the registration you should have your FREE Channel:

  1. Public Telegram Channel (FREE):

Do not forget to set our Bot as Admin in your channel. We will help you to manage it.

2. Promote your Telegram Channel

2.1 Start promoting your FREE channel everywhere.
The goal is to create a big audience that eventually will convert in premium fans.

Some places where you can promote are Twitter, Instagram, Linktree and any website that allows you to do it.

Now it is time to promote your PREMIUM channel.
Start promoting your profile link ( in your FREE channel.

You can always promote directly your profile link ( and fans will have access to both of your channels: FREE and PREMIUM.

3. Your Fans will buy a Premium subscription

Your fans can buy a Premium subcription directly in your Profile.

The fans must complete the payment succesfully in order to have access to your PREMIUM Channel.

Once we verify the payment, we will provide the PREMIUM Channel link to your paid fan, as easy as that.

4. Make $$$ by publishing content

The key to make big money is to keep your fans engaged in  both of your Telegram channels.

For your FREE Channel keep posting enough content to attract new fans and to convert them in premium ones. 

For your PREMIUM Channel keep posting exclusive content to retain your premium fans month-to-month. 

5. No Freeloaders!

We take care of your Premium customers and your Premium Telegram Channel.

If the subscriptions expire our Bot will remove the fans from your Premium channel and they can only be admited once we confirm a new payment.

As simple as that, you are ready to start making money with your Premium Telegram subscriptions.

If you have questions please contact us:

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