How It Works

IMPORTANT: Before you start you need to download Telegram App in your selected device and verify your account.

1. Create your FREE Telegram Channel

If you haven not registered yet to you can do it here:

Once you have finished the registration you should have your FREE Channel:

Your link looks like this:

Do not forget to set our Bot as Admin in your channel. We will help you to manage and post.

2. Promote your FREE Telegram Channel

Start promoting your FREE Telegram Channel everywhere.
The goal is to convert your Free Telegram Channel audience into paid subscribers.

Some places where you can promote your Telegram are:

3. Be active on your Free Telegram Channel

  • Post daily updates and share photos & videos to keep your free subscribers engaged.
  • Our bot will invite your audience to subscribe to your Premium Telegram Channel (our bot does all the heavy lifting like managing your paid subscribers).   

If you have questions please contact us: