For Models

1. Create your account in 5 minutesšŸ‘¤

If you haven not registered yet to you can do it here:

Our Bot will guide you through the easy process.

2. Upload content in your Telegram premium channelšŸ¤³

Get ready to receive your paid members

You can upload:
– Old & new content from other sites and apps
– Videos and pictures from any device that has Telegram installed (PC, phone, tablet)
– Day-to-day content with your phone camera directly in the Telegram channelĀ 
– Voice messages, polls and more, you have absolute freedom!

3. Send your Telegram paid linkšŸ”—

IMPORTANT: Make sure you share the right, learn how to get the right link

Start promoting your Telegram paid link everywhere

Telegram is safe to share in your social media and linktree pages, unlike sites like onlyfans and others you will not get banned
Telegram links do not include any explicit visual content, only your subscription options

Some places where you can promote your Telegram links are:

4. Get paid šŸ¤‘

Once your fans pay the subscription you will see the money in your account

You can set your subscriptions rates for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year

Keep uploading content to keep your active subscriptions! šŸ“²šŸ’ø

For Members

1. Open your favorite model's paid link


All you have to do is to open the paid link that your favorite model sends.

The link should look like this:Ā 

The Bot will ask you to Subscribe:

HIW 01

2. Select your subscription and pay

Select your subscription plan and pay in two-clicks (no registration needed)


3. Ready! You are in the Premium channel

Now you have access to your favorite’s model & creator private channel, enjoy!

HIW -04

For Onlyfans agencies & studios

If you have an onlyfans agency or a studio and you are interested in opening a Master Account go here

If you have any other questions please contact us: