Create your account in 3 steps

IMPORTANT: Before you start you need to download Telegram App in your selected device and verify your account.

1. Create your FREE Channel

Create you FREE Telegram channel.
The Channel should be Public.

  • Select the type of channel

Your public channel should look like: 

2. Send your FREE channel link via Twitter

Send a DM (no public tweet) with your channel’s link. After that, we will let you know how to complete your profile.

3. Our Bot will join your channels

Our Official Telegram Bot will join your channel to help you all the way.

Once our Bot joins your channel make sure you set it as Administrator.

Be sure you that select ALL the permits.

Register and get $50 with your OnlyFans

Add your Telegram FREE Channel in your OF link, see the example:

*You can customize the link with a URL shortener to avoid any penalization, see

  • You must keep the link for at least 4 weeks in your OF bio.
  • If we detect that the link has been removed you will be automatically disqualified for this bonus.
  • You can claim your bonus once you reach your first payout, to see the minimum withdrawal amount see here.

If you have questions please contact us: